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Name: K-PAM

CAS No.: 25608-12-2

Key words or Synonyms:

K-PAM, Potassium PolyAcrylate, Potassium PolyAcrylamide

Molecular Formula:  (C3H6O2)n.(C3H5KO2)m

Grade: Industrial Grade


This product is a white or light yellow powder. It is co-polymerized by many unsaturated monomers. It retards shale hydration and dispersion.

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Usage and Application:

Used in oil drilling industry; has good compatibility with various sludge treatment agents like polyacrylamide. It can change the rheological characteristic of drilling fluid. Suitable for plumb shaft, horizontal well, deep shaft etc.

  1. has a flocculation, coated effect, can effectively inhibit shale hydration, swelling, dispersion, good anti-sloughing effects; also has to mention sticky fluid loss and so on.
  2. use of the product in synergy with the potassium ion polymer macromolecules shale hydration inhibition dispersed and spalling, stable wall.
  3. is often used in the preparation of non-solid phase polymer host polymer and polymer drilling fluid.
  4. Oil field exploration and development, geology, water conservancy, Coal exploration.
  5. Oil field water treatment to deal with the recovery of oil.
  6. Petroleum Additives

More details,please contact info@fp-chem.com


The product is usually kept in a compound or multi-wall bags, with each net weight 25 KG.


The product should be kept in shady,dry and ventilated warehouse with environment temperature controlled within 122F and relative humidity 50%. It should be prevented from sun and rain, and positioned in some place away from heat and fire. The recommendation for bag piles is no more than 3 layers.