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Name: Diethylene triamine pentacetate acid( DTPA)

CAS No.: 67-43-6

Key words or Synonyms:

Diethylenetriaminepentaacetic Acid,DTPA,(Carboxymethylimino) bis (ethylenenitrilo) tetraacetic Acid,Pentetic Acid,DTPA,H5DPTA

Grade: Industrial Grade


White crystalline granules, soluble in hot water and lye,slightly soluble in water,solubility in water (20°C) 5 g / l,and do not dissolve in organic solvents such as alcohols and ethers.Melting point: 230°C(decomposition)

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Usage and Application:

Mainly as a metal ion chelating agent, widely used in papermaking, textile, food, medicine, agriculture, daily necessities and other industries.

1. In the paper industry can be used as antioxygen, slow down the process of copper and iron oxide, increase product whiteness.

2. In the textile industry to stabilize various polymeric material.

3. In the food industry can be used as a stabilizer, and can be used to keep food color and flavor of additives.

4. Can be used as a water softener in catharsis things.

5. In the agricultural production and iron complex formed a kind of effective prevention and control of crop albino pesticides.

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Polypropylene bag lined with polyethylene bag N.W. 25Kg/bag


should be stored in a cool, dry place