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CAS No.: 77-48-5

Key words or Synonyms:

DBDMH; 1.3-Dibromo-5.5-dimethylhydantoin

Molecular Formula: C5H6Br2N2O2

Molecular Weight: 285.92

Grade: Industrial Grade


Appearance : White to faint yellow crystalline powder

Melting point : 180C.min Loss on drying : 0.5%max

Assay : 98.0%min

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Usage and Application:

DBDMH is an organic compound derived from the hetero cycle called dimethylhydantoin. This white crystalline compound with a slight bromine odor is widely used as a disinfectant used for drinking water purification, recreational water treatment, as a bleaching agent in pulp and paper mills, and for treating industrial/commercial water cooling systems. Its action does not involve the use of hypochlorous acid.

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25 KGS/Drum


Keep in a dry, cool and ventilation place.