About Us

FP LOGO full 300x300 1x1FP Global LTD is a combined company invested by Chinese shareholder and UK partner, setting the work centre in China.

FP Global LTD is a company with advanced investing concept. We invest the manufacturing line mainly but don’t pursue to be a traditional shareholder of factories. This way let us work independently and control the products quality perfectly. We like to pay more attention to focus on the product itself but not other things. Based on this, FP Global LTD engage to be a Product Customized supplier and Quality Control service provider.

FP Global LTD have two main product segments with isolate brand respectively. One is FP-CHEM and the other is FP-ELEC (For more information FP-ELEC.COM).

FP-CHEM provide chemicals mainly. The products include

Water Treatment Chemicals

  • Disinfectant like DCDMH / BCDMH / Sodium Chlorite / TCCA / SDIC etc.
  • Water absorbent like PAM (PHPA) / KPAM etc.
  • Intermediate like Glyoxal / Glyoxylic acid etc.
  • EDTA series products like EDTA-Na2 / EDTA-Na4 / EDTA-Fe etc.

Food Additives

  • Sweetener like Sorbitol / Erythriol / Sucralose / Aspartame etc.
  • Stabilizer and thickener like Pectin / Gelatin / Sodium Alginate / Xanthan gum / CMC etc.

The advantage of FP-CHEM is that we could provide standard quality products and also customized products according to your special demand.

“FP” means “Focus Profession“. We like to be a strong supporter and solution provider of yours. Why not have a try?