• Water Treatment Chemicals
    Disinfectant / Pretective agent / complexant / intermediate
  • Food Additives
    Sweetner / Thickner / Stabilizer


Why our customers like to cooperate with FP-CHEM

  1. F Focus Profession

    We have a professiongal and easy-communicationg team who provide products for customers from all over the world for many years.

  2. O Close to Industry Trend

    We always keep high efficient communicating with customers and markets so that we could grasp the industry trend better. Based on this, our products is not easy to be outdated.

  3. C Customized Products

    We could provide customized products according to your special needing for your market. Auctually many customers benefit a lot from this service these years.

  4. U Ultimate Quality Control

    We could provide ultimate quality control because we are the direct holder of manufacuturing line. Each detail of product is controled by ourself.

  5. S All-round Service

    We could provide better middle-sale and after-sale services. Normally we will update each step of order by mail or picutures for our customers. Every problem will also be well solved after sale.